Soulard Market

Ancient she is, at least by American
standards, but what should be
a doddering old dowager is instead
bursting with life, specials on tomatoes,
did you thump the cantaloupes, I love
those big watermelons, apples, peaches
from Illinois, Oregon blueberries,
Michigan cherries and those raspberries
are near perfect. Saturdays are best,
the smells at their most exotic, the music
at its most boom box and minstrel diverse
as people as varied as the produce crowd
the aisles, jam the shops, eat their snow
cones, grab the fresh bread and cookies
and rolls; parking’s always a problem
but that’s okay, we don’t mind, a minor
inconvenience to pay tribute
to the grand old lady with the open arms
and the blue hair.

Started in a meadow in 1779, Soulard Farmer’s Market is one of the oldest continuing farmer’s market in the United States.

Top photograph: Soulard Market by .

Bottom: An old postcard showing the Soulard farmer’s market before the buildings were constructed.

About stlouisisapoem

We live in this poem called St. Louis, a poem we're still writing. It's about history, and art, and politics, and business, buildings and streets, rich and poor, and food (of course), and all of the other things that make this city what it is and what it will become. We publish poems about St. Louis, and you're invited to contribute via the comments to posts (for now, until we get our communications organized). Send us a link or an email address, and we'll respond. Help us write the poem that is St. Louis.
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One Response to Soulard Market

  1. nance marie says:

    oregon blueberries…i just bought some of those today….in oregon.

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