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Soulard Market

Ancient she is, at least by American standards, but what should be a doddering old dowager is instead bursting with life, specials on tomatoes, did you thump the cantaloupes, I love those big watermelons, apples, peaches from Illinois, Oregon blueberries, … Continue reading

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Mr. Carnegie’s Gift

Constructed with the profits of steel, constructed in an era of empire and imagination and progressiveness and the belief in perfection of mind, constructed with the systematic thought that imagination could be collected and rendered orderly, in beams and crossbeams … Continue reading

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Ramble in the Moonlight

Ten thousand strong we move               forward in the moonlight  at midnight darkness wiping our faces beginning as one but soon becoming               individual drops of rain pouring rolling through deserted streets              through forgotten history memory matters little in … Continue reading

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Bellefontaine: Dancing in the shadows

A city in the shadow,                 a counterpart where  shadows walk and shadows                 sleep, wrapped  in shadow stories                   a shrouded history  of a search for an ocean that                  burgeoned into an empire  a bridge to conquer a river                  a … Continue reading

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Euclid in the rain

I walk Euclid in the sun, on a Sunday. It holds on stubbornly, this street, this bricked line of what was caterers to the families of Westminster, Maryland, McPherson, Taylor, the grand private places of Portland, Westmoreland, palaces of marbled … Continue reading

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Smoke rising from a hundred                         cooking fires Voices floating from a thousand                         murmured conversations Earthen mounds rising like bumps                         on an old man’s face The fires doused the voices silenced the mounds long scraped                        and smoothed … Continue reading

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A fine and private place

Pleasantries and manners: starched swish of crinolined skirts, shadowed by tapered candles, flickering; crystal singing on the dinner table with cigars in the parlor and soft voices in the garden; the muted clicks of carriage wheels, passing, rolling on the … Continue reading

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